Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mickey Mouse Ears? YES

FER used to love her Mickey Mouse ears as a kid. And yet 20 years after she hasn't stop wearing them! Definitively one of my fab pieces currently.

You would look fav wearing the original ones..

 .. FER wearing the Mickey Mouse hat in London! 
#London look, details below

You would look fav wearing the original ones..

Try the glowing Minnie Mouse Ears on a headband, if you are looking for a girlie look. 
#Girlie look, details below

Little FER in the 90's. Please, don't forget the ATTITUDE!
#Orlando/Florida look, details below

It's in the newspapers and it's definitely a hit. 
Rita Ora taking the Mickey in London too!

Mickey Mouse Outfits:
#London look: Mose hat from the Lock Market in Camden & black skirt from Topshop
#Party look: Glowing Minnie Mouse ears & Karen Miller strapless dress
#Orlando/Florida look: Vintage Minnie Mouse ears & Minnie Mouse Tee

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